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Going Away: Why The April Fools Art Show [04/01/2016]

ART SHOW ART SHOW ART SHOW making a big transition, why not have an ART SHOW? (Wooooooo!!!) Thanking everyone for their support thus far & to show my appreciation Ive decided to showcase an ART SHOW; did I mention Im moving to Cali to do FULL TIME Heavy Artistry (the clothing line I started in college) the transition is finna be lit (for my older friends "lit" is another word for good exciting hype) Soooooo Why the Art Show?

Glad you asked, just a little context this past Christmas & New Years I went on a 2 week trip to China w/ no agenda except to see what God would show me or ask of me. While I was there I learned a few things, amongst the few I held tightly to these. One of which was… "yes there are 'language barriers' but there are some languages that exceed those barriers we call universal languages;" as I sat back & observed a culture foreign to me I realized although there were a couple things different many wear the same at their core such as love, laughter, genuineness, passion, joy, contentment, patience, diligence, perseverance, faith, & kindness. In the heat of my observation the reality was that the universal languages were all characteristics so despite whether or not you could talk or interpret them w/ your ears or mouth you could see & feel them with your eyes & soul. I dug deeper asking God for better understanding in how all this related to me He showed me the group I was w/ was majority white friends of mine who were the majority in America but minority there in China; I sat back & watched their eyes open for the 1st time as they lived 2 weeks in the shoes of a minority (like myself). This small observation showed me a major truth about perspective, that perspective once fully seen & experienced can't be erased a forever leaves an imprint on how you see the world around you. As it relates to art I believe across all languages art shows people perspective, although they might not be able to read whatever language it's written in they can visually hear the message as they observe the art; whatever truth it holds will be applicable to they're own life. This is why I love art because I love people I love being able to bring people together from different ends of the spectrum only for them to conclude amongst themselves that we aren't as different as we make think nor are we identical but we are each uniquely made for a specific purpose that in the end ties into the end goal of Agape unconditional love fully experienced & fully shared!!!

The second thing I took away from the trip was this; regardless what culture city or family you come from you are here currently & will die when your time is up (pretty straight forward) but w/ that we as humanity well I can only speak on my behalf I focus on things that in the grand scheme of life as I know won't mean a thing when my time is up if I could simplify what I'm tryna say even more Id say "this life too will pass only what's done for Christ will last" meaning only those things that have eternal weight to them will exceed this temporarytime frame we have here on earth the beauty is that which carries this eternal weight are the same universal languages I just previously spoke of. Now I apologize for so much backstory to the reason why Im hosting this art show but I wanted you to understand where Im coming from nahhh mean? With that being said I pose to you questions Ive been asking myself... 

Why do you think you fill so full of life when you help someone who can't repay you? Why is it that loving somebody regardless of their mistakes or flaws creates the strongest bonds & relationships? Why do we envy those with more than us? Why is it that those with less than us seem to have a contentment we can't explain or buy?

This may sound ridiculous to some but I've found the blueprint on how to change the world... This is my conclusion; we change the world through agape, putting unconditional love into action, those around us change when they encounter this unconditional love & come face to face with the truth of where agape originated & Who agape really is. This is the only love story that truly has its imprint on every love story there after its the story of the Good News; that Hope Exists because Agape has Validated us.

All that to say I wanna make a difference I wanna be the difference/change I desire to see I want my eyes opened even more to the truth about life & I want that for those around me family friends strangers alike. See we're all in this together for we were all made in the image of God but it's our systems our fears, insecurities, lies & mistakes that have distorted our hearts & shifted our focus on what really matters. Which is why I've entitled this art show the April Fools Art Show simply because we live in a world that is constantly tryna fool us, that inorder to be considered beautiful you have to dress a certain way or have a certain look fooling us from the truth that you've been hand crafted by a Creator who made no mistake molding you in His Image an that same Creator is Unconditionally in love with you & on a relentless pursuit after you; they tell us men that kool is being a playa. Break as many hearts as possible to numb yourself to the reality of ever experiencing real love, keep all your fears & insecurities to yourself cause that's how a man deals with his problems, never ask for the help of others, spend money on your outward appearance to avoid spending time dealing with yourself & your character; abandon your responsibilities like fatherhood cause apparently that child is better off without you these are the lies!!! I know because a lot of these symptoms have produced products which are the majority of us men you see today its us grown adolescence with no real clue as to what a man really is, we suffered from the side effects of these STUPID GENERATIONAL LIES!!! As for me mine stop here that my future children may walk in freedom & security of who they are as well as Whose they are that me & my household may serve the Lord.

I'm tired of watching humanity in bondage to these things which is why I'm so inspired to use my artistic abilities to do something about it Im asking you if you'd be willing to join me on the journey against the grain that as we change the world around can do nothing but follow our lead.

Now I would be lying if I said I wasn't trying to raise money I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tryna throw a huge party for those whom have supported me thus far Id be lying if i said I didn't love art an that I have some major surprises up my sleeve for the show you won't wanna miss!!! Id be lying if I said art couldn't be used to change the world. What I refuse to do is apologize for how the Lord has handcrafted me to be myself to be an artist who loves Him a artist who loves people an individual who desires more than anything to see restoration amongst humanity (through Agape) restoration amongst the Church (followers of Christ being examples of love rather than self righteous judges) restoration of that which really matters in the grand scheme of life & eternity restoration amongst ourselves how we view our self & how much that directly translates to how we view each other.These reasons are the objective of the April Fools Art Show; hoping to shed light on the deception of the everyday world we currently live in; introduce new perspectives to the ones who can do something about all that which needs to change. If you're reading this Ive asked you personally & am asking you would you be willing to help support? 

Regardless of what you decide please know that I love y'all a whole lot thanks for rocking with me!! Remember That Hope Exists, Agape Validates You. May the saga continue...