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The Heart Behind: Fall Clothing Release Party & Free Concert

Hello family it feels so good to be able to update you on all the crazy things God is doing in our lives through Heavy Artistry. Turning dreams into reality is the current season of life that we find ourselves. We are currently putting together our first ever Fall Clothing Release Party for HEAVY (Whooooop)! The Party will include a FREE concert by a Christian Hip-Hop group named the Dream Junkies from San Diego, CA. Quick side note for our detail oriented friends & supporters the reason its free is because A.) We were given a free gift in The Gospel & desire to give it to others in ways they too can understand the hope that we have B.) Free also really helps draw in people from all walks of life every tribe, tongue & nation is the aim. Back to the message at hand, we met The Dream Junkies over the last two summers that I Josiah Sims spent in San Diego (20weeks) & began building genuine friendships with all three of them (Ruslan, John & Beleaf). The heart behind this Release Party is more than selling shirts, more than a fun time for college students, more than marketing / exposure & more than recognition from our peers we desire for people to leave this event different than when they entered in. We want to see the broken hearted mended, the sick same old routine Christians healed from the disease of going through the motions, the acceptance driven freshmen satisfied with new found identity in Christ, the confused seniors given clarity about their future and Who controls it, the “worthless feeling” sophomore given purpose, the depressed fraternity guy choosing joy instead of alcohol, & the disturbed injured student athlete comforted by the power of the Gospel. The only Solution, broken down in a way they can understand that; “Hope Exists Agape Validates You.”


HEAVY isn’t about preaching some “behavior modification” lifestyle with no real heart change nor is it a positive get quick scheme to fatten our own pockets & comfortability. HEAVY is a gift that God has graciously given to me, Josiah Sims, to encourage me with His unconditional love in a way that I can deeply understand, taste, an experience constantly; with a gift this GOOD it be beyond selfish of me not to share it with the world. I desire change in people so desperately more than anything, you know why? Because I desire change in myself! See I know the darkness & emptiness of going through the motions, feeling uncared for or isolated. I know the mental battles of depression, worry, anxiety, fear, people pleasing these are things I struggle with & I know others do too but we our taught by our society to cover up those flaws, mistakes & insecurities or figure out on our own how to fix ‘em. I am thoroughly convinced this is not what we were made for I know for a fact the pain I’ve endured has purpose an everything happens for a reason my life is evidence! The hope I have now as well as the unconditional love I experience through Christ is something I desire for all people! It actually works unlike most of the worlds remedies there is nothing better than the full satisfaction, purpose, hope, contentment that Unconditional Love brings I promise you. That being said I’m in the process of raising $5000 dollars for this event on Saturday October 24th 7-10pm. Something the college town Pullman has never seen & most college students are foreign to is an event founded upon love (agape) ironically its not just for the church, nor is it just for the non-religious it is for everyone & the only thing that can bring people together from two very different sides of the spectrum is this Agape; love unconditional.

So I, Josiah Sims, want to personally invite you into what the Lord is doing in, through & around me on this Washington State Campus by simply asking if you’d be willing to financially give to this cause to see lives forever changed by the power of the Gospel. Whatever you give helps & Im too hyped to witness all that God has planned during this special event. Apart from special events like the one above 90% of the donations made will go towards funding the brand in order to continue to spread the good news that "Hope Exists, Agape Validates You," as artistic & fashionable as possible. 10% will go directly to funding the missions of being the difference we as a company desire to see. Resonate church, where we serve & attend, has multiple options for missions across the world to see that change take place ( more info go to ). Our heart is that as we grow as a company the percentage we give towards missions of being the difference increases & the percentage we use to fund the brand decrease til we reach 90% for missions and 10% for the brand.