Sat Here Day Two

"Even while I'm seated I stand for what I believe like Rosa Parks..." -Josiah Sims  

"Even while I'm seated I stand for what I believe like Rosa Parks..." -Josiah Sims 

Do you stand for something?

I mean really stand for something?

A gun is pulled on you would you keep standing?

Would you be bluffin?

Money enters the picture do you stay true?

Will you David Ruffin?

Break up your group of beliefs for a fly honey & a beach...


Contemplatin leavin the family of values you started with for tha side piece

Of lies in tha 2 seater benzo with a spare key

To her hotel thinkin "oh well" it just happens to be inconvenient this is really what money made outta me

Spare change

Left despare

When you can't change the weather nor the rubber

spare tire change in the rain but the rain is really tears from your lover

On the side of Seen St & Unseen Blvd

You pull the car

over thinkin you will have time to see tamarr (tomorrow)

But that's not promised

Your not sonic

how ironic

That which you switched up for is so hooked on phonics

Sprint drills across countries

Cant help you in the long run

Ask yourself, this pursuit

Are you stuck in the wrong one?

Will your original family of pure intentions take you back?

Is it your responsibility to make up for all the years of distance & slack?

Are you liable when it's all said & done to know how to answer that?

You have a choice to make that's all that matters

what's that facts?

Matter of fact the matter of fact is made up of freedom


community &

truth that this here are things I'm working on






See the art of loving people

takes character in self

Could my Artistry be artifact?

Dreams made reality?

If perseverance is the course how many hurdles in my lane on the track?

How many teammates off track?

Are you tracking with the game I'm kickin to arch backs

Keep shoulders tight

Remember to breathe

& plant feet

Grip the bar evenly

bench press

Off the chest

all this weight from ones past tests

Pass this metaphor is an open door of opportunity choose

Lies or truth equals retreat or make moves?

Blaze a trail wit snail patience & the drive of three nails

let the smell of yo sacrifices be a sweet not stale

see what I'm saying you can't quit I'm tryna get you to see that you can't fail

we may fall but the only way to fail is stay there

So Keep Going!

Lets Go!!

Get Up Please!

make like an underground emcee keep flowing for the love of Christ

Don't stop trying just keep knowing

The truth is that we can't stop time

Regardless of how many watches we own

Who cares about your age?!?

We're forever young after this life is eternity

so in comparison to that why worry bout the number gage?

Unless you're unsure where you'll spend eternity that's reason to be afraid...

No worries my friend that Antidote it trickles on down this page

(So don't you open a new window. Don't you scroll pass the Antidote [Travis Scott Voice])

why worry bout possessions when they can't proceed beyond the grave?

That which you stand for does it stand for you or make you it's slave in hopes to promote its self, is it worthy of that kinda praise?

My hope exists because Agape validated & continues to Validate Agape He needs no permission & He has no grave forever He lives so with great passion I say

"I'll Die For What I Believe!"

cause Agape Assured me

& now I know death for me is just anotha phase thru which I'll pass for surely...


One Love

"Hope Exists, Agape Validates You."