Just Decide


Make up yo mind

Don't be passive

just decide  

speak truth to yourself

I know it sounds like common sense

Chances are if your offended by this statement

U might need to take a hint

or a hike to reflect on what is true

Not in a rude way

But a real one

Now before you hop the fence

& apprehend me for negative language

Lemme share with you how it is I came to this conclusion of statements


Yeah I said it counseling see about 2 years ago I had a convo wit my moms which sounds very normal but this is why I was alarmed moms called crying apologizing for some long

Time ago actions that took place which was odd not that she was apologizing but the fact that she cried

as her son I wanted to make sure her eyes would dry

she then shared the reasons an the why

from that convo I began to reflect upon some lies

I had believed

It dawned on me

something I had learned my whole life

Love your neighbor as yourself... (excuse me as I exercise what they taught us in detention, I Josiah Sims should love my neighbor...)

as myself

as yourself

as ourselves 

love your neighbor as yourself

See at that time I was working on staff with Resonate Church at WSU

On staff you work with people they say 9-5 but lets be real it's people so it's more like 9-9 lol all that to say I realized a lot of the people that came to me for advice I wasn't loving them the best I could solely because I didn't know what it meant to love myself so I took a step back got into counseling an began to uproot some of the lies I've believed since childhood some as early as 1st grade thru counseling I began to do more than just admit my fears but figure out the exact scenarios that took place to reinforce that fear in my life & address myself when I felt some type of way cause someone brushed my insecurities a certain way...

It may sound crazy but if you're working with people or even just to know yourself better I highly recommend counseling for the simple fact that healed people heal people

In my last counseling session I was challenged to speak truth to myself

see I wrestle with a lot of self doubts constantly second guessing everything I do from a post on social media, drawing, design, blog, selling clothes, even what words come out of my mouth

I've wrestled my whole life due to specific events that occurred but I've gotten to a point where I've decided no more will that be an excuse to hold myself back see I scream "Hope Exists, Agape Validates You" from my soul because 10 times outta 10 I'm talking to myself tryna encourage me the me that has struggled for so long the question can I truly be myself? What would my life look like if I was myself without second guessing it? Is freedom for me to stop worrying about what others think say or even do towards me understanding I have a choice despite it all & I can choose to love because I've been chosen to be loved unconditionally?

I'm learning to love myself

If it sounds selfish I think it's suppose to

truth be told

you can't love others til you began to love yourself as a whole... (think about it)


One Love,

"Hope Exists, Agape Validates You."