My Dawg... (2008-2017)



I lost my dawg

not a human

but my dawg

As in when we use to go on long walks he'd walk on his (not feet) paws dawg when it was time to eat he'd sit right beside u not make a peep just using his puppy eyes to see if you'd give him a little piece dawg

Oh my dawg

Was not a human but my dawg


When I was stressed he would help me stress less dawg

Got my heartbroken a few times he would sit wit me & just listen dawg

never knew exactly how he knew I was depressed but when I'd lay on the floor he'd lay next to me in hopes I'd scratch his chest



Ooo man my dawg had some hot breathe

that dawg could defrost frozen groceries wit tha heat behind his teeth but thas my dawg


He was a grown dawg in dawg years yet still stepped on everyone's feet with his paws

Like a big ol puppy dawg

Too excited

Yeah he'd get too excited when i called on FaceTime & he'd hear my voice upon the phone Dawg

I use to feel bad leaving him at the house alone by himself so I'd take him on a walk before I left if I ever felt

That he needed it

There were those time he was disobedient

Although frustration rose he'd still find ways to be the median in the household

Perfect balance between a dawg an a comedian

This dude use to crack us up with his random acts especially when he knew that we were treating him

to something special he was my dawg

you will be missed I knew you'd have your time but who knew you'd have to clock out so quick

It was just yesterday we brought u to the house that we rent

I mean we lost yo cousin Bo bouta month ago before all of this

I know that was hard on my cousins (when you lose a dawg it's more about what the represent) they might of felt just like me & that its

All surreal If cancer was a real person I know a waiting list of ppl who would do em somethin righteous to make em squeal

But today I gotta text saying you weren't doin to hot


not my dawg

The same dawg use to run wit me around the block

Same dawg use to bark to flex on the other dawgs walkin near our spot

Same dawg who stepped on Nae Naes foot purposefully that one time to hush her up by the sliding glass door

Same dawg who gave the craziest looks when someone would fart had the whole fam laughing on the floor

Same dawg who we drove a few hours to go an choose

Same dawg who was there for the fam when the fam was feelin blue

Same dawg who chewed thru my white SnapBack from Wazzu

Same dawg that loved me & boy did I love you

You my dawg not a human but my dawg

Blessing could of been your name but we named you Gabriel the kindest Rotti in the game

I ever knew

A good friend of mine so I felt the least I could do is take some time


to write to you

a small list of great memories

Remember the

Times when I'd chase you round the couch til we both were outta wind & whenever you wanted to be petted you'd sit on my toes an smack my leg wit your paw haha you my dawg

You looked out for our moms while I was away at college

When Nae Nae was gone

Pops would go to work

it was you protectin moms when she hurt her back you had a way of huggin her wit no arms


just yo presence was a present an It's unfortunate that you're gone


you my dawg not a human but my dawg

forever that will be

Big Gabe,

Gabe E. Gabe,

Gabriel Tha 3rd,

Swoll G

you will be greatly missed my dawg

rest easy

an believe me although I won't see you again in person I know I'll see you on tha TV

when they decided to release your movie on the big screen

All Dogs Go To Heaven 3 & half

ill have my bucket of kettle corn waiting for a good laugh

Much Love, 

Yo Older Brotha

(PS couldn't allow the kid in me to lose the dream of seeing his dog featured in a classic animation)