Sat Here Day Three


I'ma fool

full of lies

full of truth

knowin there's no line in the sand for bendin broken rules

pedalin the metal for acceptance of some other fools

ironic that's exactly who we place on pedestals


Ima fool for lettin her good looks be the fuel

my reasonin to pursue knowin she was neva really true


thinkin social media made her kool Ima fool to think I could change her heart's score thru my points of views

full off food they force fed us in the schools as they focus on the money wit education as the tool

how we suppose to learn

how we suppose to turn

from the systems that leave us burned

how can we teach ourselves Gods Love can't be earned


Am I fool

for thinkin the latter could be true

cause I work for everything else what's one more addition to the pool

of tha weights I'm tryna carry

by myself

"You need help" asks God

"Nah im Kool"

I reply

like a little kid stuck up in a little lie

when he says he can do it on his own outta pride

what a fool

oh wait a second that kid isnt you... Josiah

you worry an you stress as if that could add a cube...it

to your solution but that's the problem you're a fool

just admit that you're fool

an maybe you can begin to fill this void that's not been full

off any of these temporarily temporary pointless shallow vain pursuits

the money

the social status

the respect of other fools who can't control whether they see today or tomorrow sounds like the making of a....


see wisdom is admitting you don't know as much as you think you do i mean even if you did how much of that do you really execute 

& to not look down upon but recognize that we have all played the fool 

God can use even You (as in US) to do what He said He'd do

He's the original Creator of Heavy Artistry takes the old & makes it new; 


"Hope Exists, Agape Validates You." #OneLoveWeHEAVY