Morris Code

Can I make a million dollars off a art too?!? (ColeVoice)

R2 D2

Hearts decieve u

Right beneath u

Hard to see thru


What's the chances

I could reach u

An the people

With a pen-sewl

Enough social media Please cut the cameras

I'm tryna make a million pieces off a art too!!! (ColeVoice)

No Harpoons

More heart wounds

When you lose a fish in sea

Fish with ease

To those who plead


it seems mo better EtoZ

is 22... of gold & true love letters

I wrote to u

In hopes that u

Would travel free

Roll wit me in harmony pardon me? Can I truly make a million dreams together off a us two?!? (ColeVoice)


Games were played of cat n mouse dogs was out another episode of Tom & Jerry

Honored temples plan was simple plain & simple no momentous to a sanctuary

Heart was broken no decodin put a coat in the mouth of Joseph's wife outta spite

Cause I'm not Merry

April came you fooled me twice Scream I might ...that's aite I'm aite we gon be alright

truth be told it's what I needed

To remind myself love myself Agape helps me love those that hate & those who tempur pedic

I kno that Hope Exists, Agape Validates You!! (ColeVoice)

Sidebar, when I say (ColeVoice) it's just how I hear it in my head simply that sentence above it being said like Jermaine Cole on the "Intro" & "January 28th" off of 2014 Forest Hills Drive that's all that means I'm a fan, shoot me lol #Dreamville