Real Men Cry Or Nah?

 Listen man I heard real men don't cry man is that true man I just gotta know (Caroline Intro Voice)

Real men don't cry the biggest lie I was sold upon as petty and ignorant as saying men don't cut the grass instead we mow the lawns

Who curated this lie?

Keepin me from lettin water flow from my eyes  Outta joy outta anger frustrations undescribed "a stranger will never see me cry"

What I told myself

nor any family member yet

despite what I had felt

I now cry when I'm alone as a result of this non factual statement

Cracks in the pavement

of the path that I claimed to be pavin callin me Troy as it saw on the daily I Ache-man (Aikman)

Analysts watchin my step

Emotions seem to drift

the day this lie left was when I opened the Bible & saw that evenin "Jesus wept."

Even Jesus Wept!?!?

I then thought to myself

"if Christ cried why can't I?"

ima Mike Wazoski whose blind

Person born with no eyes

Or vowels lined up without

the 3rd letter in line

Could it be that's its time

like digits at the top of yo screen

my lack of expressing this emotion caused me to fidget it seemed

in my chair if I'm sittin

on the road if I'm whippin

even in conversation if the topic we speak on is hittin

my heart, but I dont wanna react I rather retract

Gettin antsy like yo uncles wife in the ocean who can't swim an panic attacks (Aunt Sea)

Hope you can decode what I'm sayin

So much emotion bottled up at times thought I'd go super sayian (in sayin I'm super made me crippled loser bruiser scooter hittin my bare ankles storm trooper somewhere between February & April tryna March it off)

As you read this Jermaines Interlude should be playing on, Major Key, on repeat major-lee it expresses what it is I'm conveying see

this lie don't make you or me strong in fact it makes us weak

#Challenge take a week to digest what it is that we truly believe

& I guarantee

Any man we've looked up to when they Memphis Bleek,

hit Roc bottom,

You'll peep why people say talk is so cheap

Bet water rolls down the cheek of any man whose honest when their emotions' peak

or circumstances speak & they don't know how they gone eat

Who is it we run to?

Who is it that we blame?

Whose the One who wipes our tears from all of the shame?

Is it fame females money gold chains?

Cocaine mo drank blow dank?

Who offers no condemnation when we deserve it cause we done done it again?

Got dang that's the 10th time just this year

You may think you know or you may have no idea "real men don't cry"

the biggest lie to a young boy's ears

I'm not saying be a cry baby but don't be caught up in fear to

express whatever it is you feel too

you don't gotta suppress it thats too much stress tryna keep everything under wraps man you gotta address it

like an overloaded burrito bound to make a mess when it crack

We bound to the same fate when the Enemy attacks an you breaks out into a fight with a complete stranger who triggered your inner pain so if you got ears to listen man I believe this hear is game

unconditional love is ready for you when them emotional waves come so when the tide is high please know you can

say sum

cry some

here is perseverance you can hide some

have some

hold sum

cause I know what it's like to believe you

can't cry to no one

can't walk wit no one

or muster up the courage to talk to someone

I've seen the other side & experienced what Unconditional Loves done

So kno your not alone one

you are a loved one an

"Hope Exists, Agape Validates You."

in the lowest & darkest dungeons

It's ok to cry man

It's ok to cry friend

Just don't cry to quit

yo cry to keep strivin

Cry to remind yourself your still alive man

Real people cry

So keep yo eyes on the prize fam & know it's Kool on this journey if they're not always dry

Real people cry...