Cover Me Black Cover Me Blue Pt II

 (sorry I didn't post anything last Saturday but decided to give you part two of CMBCMB hahahaHEY! Gotta figure out a Kool ad-lib)


"Cover Me Black Cover Me Blue," was for those who had to die in order for us to view for those of us who didn't know & where honestly brand new to the idea of the public sharing the death of black males on youtube some boo who'd some ooo oo'd others watched FoxNews for they information others didn't know they was new to this conversation

Segregation stereotypical prejudice white privilege racial discrimination misunderstandings added multiple complications lack of perspective misguided us in thinkin we're a better nation

Than others jus cause we got more possession less sanity but more possessions less authenticity but more alternative answers less questions broke college students covered in black singing the blues cause Salle Mae doesn't care about how you doin n school all she wants is that money you owe her when it's due an if it's past due you mines as well say hello to the fast food

Employment line cause please believe she'll be comin at you which begs the question if school is even about school

Ain't it funny we were painted to be the villains the ones more prone to violence because we simply stated black lives matter in a treacherous season where each one was being shot down met by the ignorance of the privileged with insensitive remarks like what about black on black crime or wait til we get all the facts in fact the reality is we never said black lives matter more than others we just wanted you to know they matter too like the gangster thug ghetto mug is someone's child another sibling a community's friend yet why does their life have to end? I was told the psychotic serial killer who ate a persons face is seen as a deranged good kid if his skin is pale let the media tell it...

The wildest part of it all is the whole time we wanted to raise awareness that black lives matter too we were strongly met with all lives matter groups & tho that matters true where are they to be found when we're bombing individuals; Syria wait don't all lives matter groups why so serious...ly silent why now chose the sabbatical oh I get it love & care was never the intention it was all defensive talk so no one would have to listen to the truth that was being fought to be made aware is this the home of the brave or the land of the scared?

A mans head was wanted earlier this year for taking a knee when those with stones in their hand were doing the same thing what good is standing for the national anthem when you don't stand for the lyrics it sings which is the greater embarrassment standing in hypocrisy or falsely accusing a man doing the right thing?

"How great it is to be hidden but oh how terrible it is to not be found...(to be continued)"