You Can't Quit


 (sometimes you gotta encourage yourself feel free to replace my name with yours)

Greatness is on the other side Josiah dont lose faith keep working keep taking risk faith without works is dead

Greatness is a lot of small things done well

"If there is no enemy within the enemy outside of us can do us no harm"

Behind the scenes is where the work is the competition is the easy part

It's an obsession if your not obsessing how bad do you really want it?

Family & Friends will be the 1st to try an talk you out of your dreams

If you can see it in your mind have the courage to speak it into existence you can hold it in your hand

You don't have to know how just ask believe & receive

Don't allow what anybody out there tell you what's possible or not possible for you Josiah

Imagination is better than knowledge logic gets you from a to b but imagination takes you everywhere

Not everyone is gonna see it Josiah you gotta see it for yourself even if no one sees it

Be Obsessed!!! Greatness can't be achieved without it

It's possible for you to live your dream Josiah Michael Sims

Heir & son of the Creator go out & create

Ideation without execution is delusion the bridge between dream & reality is work

The only three failures in life are not trying at all, quitting the dream you've been given, & not believing your Hope Exists Agape Validates You an walking in that freedom