Disturbing Tha Peace


It's a beautiful Saturdaaaayyyyyy

I still owe Salle Mae

Wanna have my salad made &

Aside of brown sugar pound cake

Freshly baked with music to eat it too

I be feeling like the heathens do

Fully aware of my color hue...man... nature

Tho I don't sip or get laced up He brews

Is the book that I'm lost in

Daily dodgin these pitfalls & clear coffins

Paranoid everytime I start coughin

Oh me of little faith

Life is but a vapor I'm tryna make it great

& I don't waste

My life


Like incense & in no sense am I in no cent be the sentiment brown skin like cinnamon sendin them lies to early graves as the pendulum swings

"Oh behave" (Austin Powers Voice)

Agape send Him inn

As if He was a guest in a Motel 6

Deeper the pain the realer it gets

Ironically pain be the narrative

Despite yo historical heritage

Evidently evident people want mo evidence

Cause we can't unscramble the rhetoric

Rhetorically speakin

Could it be we broke cause we celebrate every weekend

End of the week I seen my homegirl was leakin

from her nose claming that her boyfriend was tweakin

But we all know he beatin

Her face like a punchin bag as a cycle of the past

From theses deadbeat dads

Leave the beat dead wit my foot on the gas

Actually man my foot is on the edge

Of my bed

On this Saturdaaaayy

Salle Mae don't bother May or June or July

I jus wanna enjoy my Saturday kickback as iii listen to Saturday sat here today reminiscing on life events so Ludacris

"I gotta big weed stash

Pocket full of cash

Just seen a big ol

It's Saturday

Sticky Icky icky oo ooo, sticky icky icky...

So how they gone act like my neck don't gleam

How they gone act like my wrist don't bling

Haters get sprayed like Afro sheeeeeeen"

Man I used to listen to LUDA back in the day 

When all we cared about was goin out to play

I feel along the line we the people got played

They tricked us into workin for the minimum wage

Til our dreams & imaginations had faded away

But the reality is neither of em eva truly fade

If you not careful it'll haunt you down to the grave

So rise up quit yo day job

If your unsatisfied

Find that inner child inside you that'll play Bob

The builder

Start buildin

That dream

Don't worry bout making a killin

Just make sure it's authentic what your feelin

Yo purpose the reason you was put on this earth

It's deep mad deep far deeper than the surface

What you'll learn is that you need a team aka community

To be the survivors at the end of this game with the immunity