LambEyeWords Playon

Under the misconception that I needs more possessions

Overthinkin these thought provoking thoughts is possessive

Protested as pro checkers of these home wreckers wit no necklace who want breakfast in chrome Teslas

Can't test us we hold records to break records then play records these no neckers need to hate lesser

Yes yes suh I bees that modern day slave steppa

Get lectured or learn the underground & get better

No leopard could catch this here ol healed leper the mic checka

Been sicker then ten unhealed lepers

No one measures

Up to; the Perfecter, Life Breada, Trifecta Mr Triplethreata,


As if He offspring of Mrs Corretta...


Moms Mary Pops Joseph thas world Metta,


Free to those who villainous like Kruela

Media love to label blacks wit no mannas poor grammar but little do they know we ate manna then poured grandmas love into these here four stanzas

Before local authorities raped & killed our ancestazz

Imagine grandmothers was writing our parents love letters

Encouraging us too use wisdom to stay clever & never eva tell ourselves that we're lesser

Than royalty

My grandmother's mother spoiled me

By praying for God to forever be, my covering & bless mi with patience to keep mi anger from boiling

Plan A or die mentality tells me young man just keep on toiling

Witness all of your dreams soon become the flourishing

Fruits of yo labor

We call that nurturing

Love on yo neighbor

Also don't forget yo Father is The King

So if you need labor

Have belief the size of a mustard seeeeeeeddddd, like dat

3rd Love yo neighbor

2nd love yo self

1st Love The Father Agape wit all cards you've been dealt