Mi 1st Epithalamium

J Goon III & MC Lite

Who knew the darkest of times would create the deepest of friends. From cryin to laughing an every other emotion within

Here we are, your wedding day, like yooo do you remember talking bout this (Aubrey Graham aka Drake once said WE MADE IT) from laughing to cryin an every other emotion within

Dannnnng Jordan back at it again with the black crocs (Many pleaded with you Jordan take them thangs off & all have failed... nonetheless your officially married now so; all is well) just looking out for you bruh thought those crocs would keep you from the women of your dreams... Who knew?!? she would still fall for you; an them horrendous rubber things

Now I could keep yall here all night taking y'all back to when it all 1st began BUT I'd rather pick up where Jordan Mariah & Myself really became friends n our family started... Man a summer of Heartbreak & trust issues SHEESH look at how much its taught us

I don't know how many of you know about depression & what it does to a person entirely but from my experience one thing I knew was I was in desperate n dyer need... Of major help & God sent me a friends who sticks closer than a brother & a sister Jordan & Mariah themselves

Ahhh to describe this man the simple words don't cut it caring loving patient I know the epitome of who he is soars above it I need y'all to understand I rarely ever cry (my sister can co sign) I was taught to be a man stay more closed off than open so that's how I moved forward but Jordan... man... I cried to him over that heartbreak that summer I cried for him over his broken heart during that depressing season

I remember asking God for Jordan after his last break up "Lord who ever you have for Jordan pleeeeaaase let her show him what loves is & that you made it for a reason"

See when the struggle is your reality the real you is shown & Mariah I can tell you that dude on your arm is a real man of God you're taking home
Without Jordan being the friend he was I'm not sure where I'd be what I'd be doin or if I'd even be able to stand infront of y'all & speak
he helped remind me who I was when I couldn't remind me

Then Mariah came along MC Lite as I call her in my book she was & will always be a baller I've only got one blood sister but cause of you Ive got two
now MC Lite you my sis & J Goon thas my dawg I'll go to war with an for yall (any day of the week) & cause I finally got my phone fixed you can just call (inside joke... but all jokes aside)

However much time we have left I know that yalls love for each other needs no timer

& if you ever forget who you are or why it was you fell for one another just call me

Sincerely your biggest fan personal bodyguard & friendly reminder

Love you guys