110mH (Hurdle 001)


Don't correct my run on if you ain't me who you claim to be evidently evident my words need no severing by punctuation yo allegations opinions comments passive aggressive salutations can kick rocks or get dropped off on the sideline like kids at a bus stop or yo favorite rapper 10 years ago that went pop if you don't know now you know this is the me I wrestle with on the daily like tryna find music with bad reception Anna janky battery radio stereo lemme show inner codes enter those Insecurities I hate doubts & fears I hate em only if I knew my true identity I wouldn't need to validate em wit stupid actions an acting these transactions is lackin integrity the jealous thoughts I hate em envy greed I hate it causing me to second guess my abilities in relation to others tell me if I hate myself how can I love any others human mothers brothers sisters baby cousins man this jealousy is really cuttin into my train of thinking boat is sinking feel like drinking cussing cuttin my mind seemingly overdosin over nothin does this mean no one will love him? see these the kinda questions keep me stuck in my covers locked in my room & closed off to the world cause the thought of a girl loving me in spite of me or more than me is cycling keep me from writing things which I really feel please pardon the spontaneous outburst my mind tends to get the best of me an I hate it my selfishness has led to nothing but selfish men & I hate it cause whether I like to admit it I'm prideful & I hate it ppl are watching the high roads my life has taken but the low roads I took while none where watching are patiently waiting to taunt me when the spot light is the brightest an positioning is the highest to tell me my pure intentions where bias character flaws & I hate it well aware of the situation laziest procrastinating keeps me from vindicating my reasons to make any changes & I hate it in return I remain the same & I hate it what are results if you never grow what good is playing it safe if you never come to know the dreams as your reality your dream couldve built a salary or at least help the one in need of love when all he was ever shown was hatred so do you hate it or secretly love it which ever is true actions are the repercussions or statements made as clear as the glass in the metal frames of the walls that window pain don't stack up to a widows pain or orphans brain that's given up on all hope & I hate it what will I do to be the change cause without actions these words is open seats in a Padres game to which you can't go.... (more hurdles ahead)

110mH: One hundred ten meter hurdles but in this poem also stands for one hundred ten mental hurdles a individual may face in their life (race) this double entendre begs the question what obstacles lie ahead of you? What do you need to do in order to get over each one, best execute & run yo race? Have you learned from the last hurdle you hit or cleared? Are you focused on your lane or the lane of those around you? Will you PR when it's all said an done or will you look back on your race with regret?