Old Flame (G is Silent)


Dear Old Pain, woke up into a nightmare

The reality of not havin you on my brain or ability to be right here

By my side

At times I wonder if life could fight fair

Would it of worked out between you & eye

From texting everyday to every blue moon & no reply

I don't think about you often but these love songs showin me thas lie

I try to sell myself in hopes that one day our love could be alive, lovebirds who actually fly

To a place where heartbreak isn't rooted so deep inside, But that's death

So in-spite how comical you make it all seem

I too step

To the next season of life where pain is...

Astronomical Pivotal vaminos a vomit troll

Fallen like dominos in autumns toll eatin slices of dominos all the while tell my cousin Dom I knows best; whose advisin me to give the complainin a rest

Wide open nose love, do more say less

Is da things I've learned from this whole pain complex

Blind George in this jungle of confusion wanting to see

If you care less or careless jus slightly curi-ous about me?

But who cares right? Yeah who cares? Not even curious George

Call it Care-Ecter (Character) Development got me wantin some more

Heaven sent be the sentiment never

settlin as if this poem is pedalin a stationery bike while listenin to medicine, relevance while fake reverends offerin truth w/ no ice Mr Stone even high steppin em said it twice

"You say that you care but I-iiiii was unaware (hey yeah) cause all you do is push orrrr tear can't stretch it any farther..."


It don't matter youll never read this anyway but in some strange event you do I truly hope it all worked out for you old friend