Overthinkin For Hours

Alright 4th verse... (Cole Voice)


"Do you do music?" was the first question that he asked. My mind ran a million miles before another second passed

Realizing that his hate for my "type" was working as a mask educating him in the hands of love wouldn't be a easy task

Is it half empty or half full said the glass in the lenses of my frames thru which I partially see the clash, (clash being the ignorance of "class") 

No mic up in my hand ironically everything I say is displayed as if I am on stage

My experience as a young black man it feels people draw close to either question or parade

Then throw our stories on the shelves when they no longer wanna hear the truth in what we say or when we mention that America was literally built on the backs of slaves 

Now as we turn the page racist people yell in rage, "Skip yo dreams you monkeys don't deserve the minimum of a wage!!!"

We gots to come up wit a master plan that helps privileged people renegade something that puts unconditional love on full display

Plan A from the Master is the life truth & the way meanin its the master plan! So even wit no mic available people can know the Father hears our pain & understands

Stand under no man whom stands over, the...


That all people were made equal claiming, his...


Is money power & posessions

As a broke black college grad its hard to ask that man Donald Trump a serious question

& honestly feel as if he truly understands 

What if my ancestors where the ones who brought his from the motherlands?

Would he still hate on all those individuals considered immigrants? Would the voyage of my people claiming his land for our people be considered villainous? or a pilgrimage?  

In hopes to smother them like hashbrowns & mashed potatoes

Who then am I to let this "investor" steal my dreams or visions an turn it into Plato?

A Sellout?

A Salesman?

Or a Cashier? (who sold his soul in hopes to accquire this same fool's gold from past years... )

What good is chasing gold when the Heavy Artistry is proof that the real treasure worth chasing lives right inside of you? I said,

What good is chasing fake love when the Heavy Artistry is proof that the real Love worth chasing is the Unconditional 

Was suppose to write this by 10am today it's now 4:44pm lol "Overthinkin for hours" (Vol.1) to be continued... (shoutout Dreamville)

"Hope Exists, Agape Validates You."