Pain 'Tis Reel


Do you know what it's like to only have 3 dollars for a weeks amount of groceries wanting to eat everything in sight yet only able to afford that which will last the longest when your hungry

Oatmeal or Ramen

Bread or Pancake Mix

Clean Water or Milk

Some would call this everyday life others would call it sacrifices

To which I say, sacrifices? We Talking bout sacrifices? Not a scenario but...


All I know is pain is inevitable

Sure to happen it's unavoidable

So how does one make that pain enjoyable

Sacrifices? (Kanye Shrug)

Ahh what do I know

I'm just a pain filled individual

Who spends most his time in isolation

Building cases that ppl don't understand him

But how can they he's always isolating

Icing patience tryna rush thru life

Escapin booking from the claws of Satan

You see me I am he in this here story & believe me he's not livinn

Nah he's runnin a heist from the dreams he's been given

See a life in isolation isn't a life at all it's death

So u wanna talk sacrifices?

How bout I sacrifice my transparency that u might have some pep in your step!

Don't be like me PLEASE

Don't follow me NO

Run from my example as fast as you can!! GO

When it comes to bein a flawed human Ima slo-mo average Jo GoPro with no high highs just low lows

See unconditional love is the only answer to any turmoil we face & know

We will face it its apart of life

In fact it's necessary... for growth for character for better understanding wider perspective it's our narrative, the narrative of

Pain; P A I N

The pain I feel as I cry alone in my room staring at the ceiling for far more reasons than one would assume

Pain; P A I N

When she told you she never liked you & will never be more than friends she was never interested in you after you spent years investing into your friendship that pain deepens when rather than accept her no you look yourself in the mirror & blame yourself for her no hating yourself cause you believe if your skin was lighter or a little darker maybe things woulda been good to go

Pain; P A I N

When a young boy witnesses his mother experience chronic pains daily & blames his poor work ethic or lack of execution feeling his laziness is the reason she feels so removed if he could just be better at something he could help his moms feel good again

Pain; P A I N

When all I ever wanted was acceptance but mostly experienced rejection

Pain; P A I N

I've never walked a day in your shoes neither you in mine yet we can form assumptions stereotypes prejudice premeditated opinions about one another based upon media influence rather than the influence we were made in its natural to love yet we'd rather act as if it's natural to hate a man a women a child based upon our skin forgetting all about the ripped skin on the back of the One whose image created in humanity's

Pain; P A I N

Idk how else to put it both my grandfathers died an I didn't shed one tear for either of em both my grandfathers served this country an not one cheer was cheered for either of em both my grandfathers loved me & sacrificed so much for me yet neither of them is here to witness this story, neither one was here for my 1st art show or when I started my own business I went to the funeral of only one of my grandfathers & I'll never forget this, see the lie that real men don't cry was engrained in my brain so when pain came I didn't feel it I claimed

I just suppressed I just suppress...

Oh What a mess what a mess how long before I die from all this stress o God what a mess my life is ahhh what a mess God where are you?!? In the midst of all this death?!? Do you hear the cracks of my bones from the pain weighing on my chest?!? I need help from a real hero so leave me be if you're just another religious fluke or a zero a wanna be Robert DiNero my situation is cancerous &

I need help on who or what the answer is!!

Tell me Is it You can You show me that You are the Truth

I have no where else to go admits this pain I need a antidote that makes me better then I aim,

to be,

Others have told me that its true so Unconditional Love if you truly desire me than I desire you & if the you in this next sentence is me let this statement live as proof that

"Hope Exists Agape Validates You!"

I said God if you truly desire me than I desire you & if the "you" in this next sentence is me let this statement live as proof that;

"Hope Exists Agape Validates You!"