Hére It Is

 **Attention: Read this as if you were Will Smith in the song Summertime**

Ok back to our feature presentation (Drums Please!!)


Here it issss a note sole-ly writ-ten

For those who are in need of admission

To enter yo dream thas got u hesitant

Cause you were unsure if yo dream was heaven sent

Jus look at the dreamers of the past

I'm sure they too were in your same class, at the same desk, doubts flow in first then they second guess, wondering if they know all the answers to the test

Seconds minutes days months even years

Wrestlin wit acceptance & comments from yo peers

Walkin into fear of what they might say so on yo dreams you continue to delay

Don't give up young dreamer be patient

Fears are just products of our imaginations

But if you dare make yo dream your reality you too can escape the grip of fear's casualties! 


There you have it friends remember fears kill more dreams than failure ever will so rest assured if you dare to dream the dream you been given the One whom empowers you is the One who is Livinn an He'll reveal Himself in ways that you'll understand the One whom created you is the One who has the MasterPlan! 

Hope Exists Agape Validates You!

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