Redshirt Freshmen Yr

Life is full of parallels & if we are willing to just reflect on what has happened in our past how we made it thru that tough situation or how that one struggle grew us tremendously we can find the faith necessary to enjoy our present & look forward to our future.

Take a second to reflect on your expectations... now reflect on your execution... does it match that of your expectations if yes kool keep it goin if your reply is no like me then we gotta change our execution if we truly desire to expect better than we are getting otherwise it's insanity to keep on the same way we are hoping for something different

My head track coach in college always said if you focus on change you'll get results if you focus on the results you'll never change a prime example of this lies within the difference between my Redshirt Freshman year & Redshirt Sophomore year for track

19 year old redshirt freshman so eager to finally compete after a year of the hardest training regimen I had ever experienced my mindset was solely results focused man I can't wait to travel with the team up & down the west coast, man I can't wait to go compete at all the big meets, I'm gonna run 14 low, expectation after expectation. My redshirt freshman year met none of em the crazy part was I was working even harder than I did the year before what had changed tho was my entitlement I felt entitled to my expectations which is where most of my frustration lied because when those experiences weren't met my entitlement (pride) was hurt. So my scenario was crazy cause I was living with 3 other track guys who were elite competitors so I was putting in extra work with them constantly asking questions how to better myself as an athlete all that but nothing seem to be clicking. I battled injuries in my knees that I felt were holding me back mentally & physically. Once season hit I wasn't traveling I was at home alone frustrated with tears of anger & heavy heart of hurt pride telling myself "your a much better athlete than what your showcasing!" My roommate G Horns was always telling me man just be patient it'll click you doing the right things you just gotta be patient track is funny like that, later that statement would prove itself to be true of more than just track. At the end of the season that year there was the ultimate breaking point we had just had our last conference meet against our rival UW an out head coach gathered our team & made it clear the elite form the mediocre I will never forget this moment

He said, "Okay so for some of you your season ends here at this meet for the rest of you we get into the fun part of post season where the elite competition is! If your season is ending today (which mines was) you need to ask yourself why are you here & if you even need to comeback next year he said if this doesn't rub you the wrong way you can just turn in your gear now." Then he went on to talk to the post season athletes oh man I remember being so offended & frustrated as I realized he had just called me mediocre I wasn't mediocre!! As we walked to the bus I heard utters of other teammates he had called mediocre giggling & planning out their summer vacation but that entire bus ride back to campus I didn't talk much I was tryna wrap my head around how insulted I felt & what I was gonna do about it!!

Then the click G Horns, Jesh, an B Dawson had been telling me about finally happened on that bus ride to campus & into my summer I decided.... I decided that I was no longer gonna accept that title of mediocre I trained hard & as smart as possible that summer channeling all that emotional frustration to ever workout I told myself I'd have to die before next season before I ever get called mediocre again, my mindset completely changed.

See as a result of that year I was humbled, my appetite was awakened I was aware that people could careless about what your doing if it's not dazzling but I also learned that those expectations aren't guaranteed everything we have can be snatched in an instance so when redshirt sophmore year started I was grateful to practice cause I was injury free I also knew excuses where no longer an option when it came time to practice I reflected on that end of last season & reminded myself we will not be in that same position this year my race to the indoor & outdoor championships had started in the summer as soon as I started training so when I stepped back onto campus I was already locked in real simple goals no complications make indoor & outdoor championships no excuses. There's a ton of details I'm leaving out for another blog post later but that redshirt sophomore year I did just that & once season was over I remember thanking God for my redshirt freshman year because without the humility, character development, & hunger I wouldn't of been able to accomplish all I did redshirt sophomore year.

From personal experience I challenge you & ask you just as much as I'm asking myself let us endure the growing pains, the struggle, & grit of failed expectations let us learn from them an attack the present more ferociously than ever knowing the results lie in Gods hands & his timing is perfect! Regardless of where you are in this process of redshirt freshman to your redshirt sophomore year as far as transition know your Hope Exists Agape Validates You & focus on change not the results that you may run your race! (Literally or Figuratively lol) 

Have a Great Sat Here Today. MUCH LOVE!