Cover Me Black Cover Me Blue


Were you there to cater to all my screams as a youth

Were you there when I was physically n sexually abused

Cover me black cover me blue

I need to know that you never leave nor forsake me is true

I need guidance in my life show me what I'm to do

Are You available to be there when Im the one callin on You

Cover me black cover me blue depression is a beast I can't seem to breakthrough

Thru all theses heartbreaks my heart it aches to,

The point of no return depression just seeps thru

The cracks in my character's characters character

Well aware of the

Reality I'm livinn is a underground chariot

Chosen for this position of bein ridin n driven into the ground clawin kickin scratching pigment fightin ignance to avoid these humble beginnings head covered in linen thrown into the scrimmage limit spendin spin it hittin cotton pickin constant pennin independence overthinkin how I'm livinn

Cover me black cover me blue society tells us that winners win & losers lose so who decides the definition those words too or those two words

Is it us or is it you is it them is it kool if we identify ourselves with somethin other than what we do

Cover me black cover me blue

A black man lies dead in the street an we applaud the man in blue

The one who did the shooting but is still alive to see his few

Family members that embrace him as he killed a man but managed not to break the rules

Got paid leave

An lately

Is facing, nothin but a slap on the wrist

These be the things that really make me pissed

How you scream injustice for the death of a gorilla but silent for the death of kids!!!

Sorry What's that speak up please I couldn't hear ya

Ohh cat got your tongue right

Well even if a literal cat had your tongue that be better than a bullet in your lung right

& your body layin lifeless the modern church we in a crisis why we gotta go overseas to do good deeds the post pictures to our timeline & declare ourselves righteous

Then return to our neighborhood where we've never known our neighbors claiming that we personally know the love of the Savior; man

Cover me black cover me blue He was covered in black before I knew died just for us as they beat Him all black n blue crowned Him with thorns spitted on & mocked that was me an you doing the unthinkable makin fun of Jesus the truth the way & the light as if we had nothin to lose

Our lives are not out yet we live em as if they do

Belong to us like we breathed life in to dust formed it in our image & gave it a heart that pumps

But that's just wishful thinkin if we think we alone are capable of such made in His image society would like to strip that to have us forget Who it is We belong to where identity lies an Who defines who constantly trying to cover us black cover us blue but our souls are not for covering they're made to shine true

Dear fellow human don't let the lies of this world define who

You are...

You've been set apart

So please let that light shine in your heart to help guide you outta the darkness of the black & the Blues

The sin an the pain

The freedom to be who?

Yourself & be unashamed

No second guessin

No half stepping no such thing as asking too many questions

Come for a ride hop on inside the everlasting wave Agape has already arrived

The admission is free so buckle in next to me & lets journey thru this together an display our true artistry!

"Hope Exists, Agape Validates You."