Sat Here Day One

Dear self, 

Did you know your own soul is nourished when you are kind & you destroy yourself when you are cruel. If you search for good you will find favor but know the opposite is true if you search for evil it will find you... despite what the world tells you or how many times they try and sell you bs on riches it is possible to give freely & become more wealthy than even the richest see those who are stingy will lose everything for the generous prosper and are most satisfied those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed both in & outside. You have free will to trust in "your" money  if you'd do please but I guarantee down hill you will go unordered to flourish like leaves in the spring you gotta place your faith in a higher hope you know one that's eternal & doesn't end when your time does; if you have will, will you please press to understand & if you have fight, fight to see that Agape is the plan not a plan.

Much Love,

Deepwater Sandgrain