Mr. Observerson's Class


Sat back an observed as I normally do

Was on the couch when I observed the normally news

Thought to myself

"am I one to conform to the conformity crew?

Or will I go against the grain & shift lies to conform to tha truth?"

Ironic how people question these 15 second videos with thousands of views & discredit countless accounts of witness who claim the black boy didn't do what they'd assumed

*still lost his life tho he complied before they had chosen to shoot*

back to the comfort of your unoppressed perspective on a hill with a marvelous view

While we kill hate & steal from the lack of good food that's

Food for thought in fact it's Kool if you question these clips as you search for the truth

Yet if you don't question the news that has hours to tell selected narratives & millions of views

then please ask yourself are you even on the same scoreboard when it comes to equality's point of view?

Just a thought as I sat back an observed as I normally do

A child asked Mr Observerson who is under normally's rule?

Ooo Is it the intelligent, the insane, the kind, or the true?

Another child asked Is it me, the authorities, is it grandma, or is it you?

His friend chimed in is it pastors, is it teachers, is it peers, is it fools? 

Is it human beings as a whole since that time we fell for the fruit?

Mr Observerson how can one be truer than true it seems 12 years of education is enslavement to stay under normallys rule

in my years of education they didn't teach me how to improve

they merely taught me too survive & it seems as even that is a fluke

I'm in more debt than when I started with no knowledge to prove

that I'm worthy of approval for good credit but what about my credits from school?

Those don't count for nothin?

How come not one of them taught me how to fill out a W2,

Educate us on property taxes

or how to invest into myself instead of these corporations full of money with no desire to help me or you

they just wanna continue too

The..the-y they wanna continue ta


hold up!!!

wait a minute!

are they the founders & owners of this "normallys rule" now that I think about I remember all of my 9-5 interviews

they be like

"What's your 5 year plan"

"What do you hope to accomplish in 2?"

"Are you willing to sacrifice your dreams and ambitions so we can continue to do

what we do

which is blind you to your original vision take your heart an ambition than use

what we can & when we're finished tell you we're headed in different direction as some sorta excuse

to fire you when the new college graduate can more quickly do what you do?"

"Oh whoops our mistake seems you didn't meet all the rules that qualify you for retirement  guess you'll have to figure that out too" "But hey your 60 now maybe you can start using those tools that you had when you were 20 to create something new

good luck

an make sure to leave a positive comment on yelp in your exit review

We'd hate to withhold your last check cause you failed to do what we asked you

Who put you in charge normally how long have you blinded us to

this reality that we never ever more than once will be 23 22





O whoops you caught me but now you've gotta a family & grandkids on the way you can't afford to stop what you do

yeah yeah yeah you had dreams they were really well thought out an unscrewed from normalitys thinking you could've changed the score with all those sincere points of view

but you didn't so sorry you know what just sit back on your favorite couch

O look at what just came on Sports News

there you go that's it

"But wait I'm not thru... what are you doin turn that tv off"

At-at-at take it easy youve had a long day you need to rest

there you go put your feet up eat some comforting food

& just continue to observe as you normally do in minutes you'll forget all about how to execute

besides, you know as well as me, this is the way of the normally rule.