Am I Wrong?


Am I Wrong am I wrong am I wrong but really am I wrong to want to have a wife I'm attracted to am I wrong to want her to be an intellectual am I wrong to want her to be both an rather than either or is that unethical is it shallow am I wrong? Am I wrong to believe I shouldn't have to settle am I wrong to believe in Christ there's no levels all sin is sin no matter how hard you pedal on the bicycle of morals ethics & good deeds all of which are precious rose petals thatve been trampled in the mud prior to being picked aka no matter how good we think we are we all fall short of perfection am i wrong for telling the truth am I wrong for not doing so in love am I wrong to believe God is the greatest authority above am I wrong to care less about comments critics an subtweets when there's actual problems in the world like children with no shoes single parents with no feet broken people with no family broken families with no heat no house no transportation no food to eat am I wrong to want to slap people who care more about saving trees an animals then they do human beings am I wrong to carry on as if I don't do the same thing when I purchase shoe after shoe as if I own more than two feet leaving the malls dodging specific people wit real needs "excuse me sir can you spare...." nope sorry can't help ya can't you see I'm busy writing poems Terrell Owens Gary Coleman rest in peace... Translation; I'm sorry Mr Homeless Man sir I'd like to help really but I can't see I got my own problems my own crap I'm dealing with that has got me in a jam so I duck n dodge you cause I don't have time to evaluate the real things I'm to busy hating money yet chasing money in hopes for better living cause like TO its all about me an life too short for me to not be seen as a valuable factor before I pass away like GC tell me am I wrong to go so deep am I wrong to start my own business cause of the pain thats existing please lemme know am I wrong to wanna hire the homies travel the world & serve others am I wrong to wanna work hard so I can help serve my mother take time off to help get her healthy cause I'm tired of watching her suffer am I wrong to go to churches an sell my products am I wrong to worry more about turning Gods house into a den of thieves rather than making a profit am I wrong to look down on a person because they're selling or hooked on narcotics but not have the courage to speak up against those addicted to caffeine supplied thru Starbucks am I wrong to be so adamant about having faith yet tip top or make excuses when I'm confronted by my fears am I wrong to wanna get along with not just some but all of my peers am I wrong to not testify against the boy who I witnessed slapped his girl cause I see that even his stupid actions are a result of a broken world am I wrong to listen more than I like to talk am I wrong to challenge the church to be the church not just attend I believe I am the church & plantin in the world outside the church is where we should begin am I wrong to believe giving free things to rich people is a waste of time no shade but couldn't those making less than minimum wage put that to better use than those whom when it comes to money have no clue how to save I'm talkin handicap unaware maybe even blind can't tell the difference between flashy rims Jordan sneakers & dollar signs so if we keep the rich rich while we continue to live broke tell me whose guilty of what crimes when the neighbors assume we selling drugs they say we own drugs but the corporations own prisons addicted to money if they supply the judges paycheck then would he give a fair sentence or one that favors the funders of this operation of a crooked & broken system am I wrong for taking it that far am I wrong for letting you know the things I think about often but never truly show am I wrong to wanna keep my soul intact from all the birds an Kats that want me to take them home an get it jumpin like plyometrics & acrobats am I wrong to talk about the real am I wrong to not wanna leave secret sins concealed cause what's done in the dark comes to light so I'd rather keep it all the way real am I wrong to not hold my tongue when I talk with God my Father He knows my heart He knows my hurt so while I'm cursing Him out he knows I wanna go hard I wanna do His will yet at times give in to my own entices its me its me its me o Lord needing you desperately to save me from my own vices am I wrong to wanna know God personally am I wrong to think what helps the most is to know on my worst day He still loves unconditionally am I wrong when I say no one likes a story with no adversity am I wrong to have revealed so much in hopes to encourage the ones who need encouraging am I wrong is it a statement or a question either way for you personally is it true? All I know is I know nothin but the simple fact that Hope Exists Agape Validates You so even in the midst of being wrong I know the love inside me is proof.