Punchin Pandas

[attention: no pandas where actually punched or harmed in the making of this poem]

If you were promised something major (I mean like you define major for yourself then take whatever that is multiply it by 13 to make it tremendously better than your original idea of major) annnnnnnn I mean promised, none of that it could happen might happen type stuff im talking guaranteed factual scientifically proven that what it was is indeed 100% yours for the taking & all you had to do is believe & claim it...would you proceed or would you not take it? Would anything or anyone stop you from getting that major promise promised specifically to you? Plot twist what if someone pulled a gun on you prior to you taking what is rightfully yours would you be worried that the promise was a lie or would you laugh in the face of danger because you know without a doubt that major promise is yours for the taking an nothing nor anyone could stop you from taking it? I believe it's quite black & white something like the story of the people doing what they thought was right instead of what they knew was right... Hence the people taking the land promised to them but arrived after a 10 year journey only to start sending spies rather than claim & thrive you see in land there were "Pandas" who had built up lies which led to the demise of the people leaving them ruined as they made it TO the promised land but never N2 the promise land because 9 of 10 spies said the "Pandas" in the land where too ferocious & massive "but God said it was ours what do we really have to fear?!?" said the 10th spy but unfortunately the doubters drowned him out therefore the people bought the lie that the "Pandas" were to massive / dangerous & that there was no way they could get past it so they passed it turned back around to the opportunity to accept the promised land became past tense quite passive like offensive line made up of shy babies who don't block the opposing NFL Defense on a 3rd & 10 play action; please do not pass this message along without 1st down graspin the reality that if you don't claim what's been promised to you; you will wonder in the wilderness of "what do I do... with my life" til there's no more life in you inable to see what it was truly promised to you cause you allowed these massive "Pandas" to keep you stuck in a loop. See if you would of just punched them in the face guarantee they'd a moved!! Now it might of caused a fight but in that fight there was no way you could lose cause the One who made the promise that you chose not to choose was the same One who made the "Pandas" & told em exactly what to do, as soon as you entered the promise land He planned to make the "Pandas" move... this is a simple perspective & very timeless truth I hope can be put to use so when those "Pandas" arrive in your promised land you'll know exactly what to do... When it's all said an done some still won't choose that which is promised & true but my hope is that in the midst of the doubters or naysayers you will never allow the "Pandas" (circumstances) sway you. Punch The Pandas metaphorically speaking of course.

Pandas: overwhelming circumstances referred to as giants an individual can't defeat without faith courage & willingness to fight