The Gift of The Process

Can you imagine a gift that never ends a gift that doesn't stop; once you unwrap it & believe you've gotten to the best part!! You begin to realize theres more to be unwrapped more to be revealed & enjoyed just when you thought you had gotten to the bottom or end of it all continued to blow your mind with its depth; weight & glory. Now though unwrapping the gift may be hard work after awhile if the gift is worth it would you continue to endure the labor (process) to get to the value beauty & satisfaction of the gift? 

What if the wrapping paper had meaning too that added to the unmeasurable glory of the gift? Would you dare keep digging into the gifts wrapping paper for the sake of the gift? Lets say its wrapped in money, $100 bills specifically some ridiculous amount; like think of the largest number you could imagine& then multiply it by the same number three times. Ok so now you're digging for something you were promised (guaranteed) is more valuable than whatever its wrapped in but in search for the gift your losing the value of the temporary paper [for the loophole enthusiast its ALL or NOTHING theres no in between nor is there any way to save the wrapping paper unless you stop seeking the gift]. What do you do?

Do you continue to rip away at the gift & enjoy the process of pursuing the gift knowing without a doubt it will one day pay off or do you stop pursuing the gift take the value of the wrapping paper and settle for just that allowing you the freedom to do as you please but be haunted by the weight glory & worth of the gift. (Which sounds a lot more like slavery disguised as freedom doesn't it?) Which do you choose & why?

Selah: Pause… Think About That