They Tried

The lies I was believin they tried & tried to steal my soul & my joy this past year I lost a lot of the day to day battles, almost gave up on Hope an Love, almost threw in the towel on surrendering myself to God & His plan for me because to do my own thang seemed as if it would've of been much easier yet He remained faithful & true He never left my side not only did He show me personally He is enough but He's teaching me that in the Struggle He is nearest the struggle is to be embraced not to be feared in moments of silence from God I'm called to wait patiently meaning stay in place in expectation of ...so stay where God has you Josiah & expect Him to do as He promises which is to work ALL THINGS together for your good (aka absolute best) it WILL hurt it WILL be painful but it's a process MEANING IT WILL COME TO AN END & in the end He proves to be The God of His Word & reveals why the process was necessary & worth while!!! See being brave & courageous has nothing to do with our outward appearance nah that's the worlds misconception being brave & courageous are a mindset a choice to endure pain w/out fear; to not be deterred by pain or danger rather embracing it knowing that God my loving Father is gonna work it all together for my good. But the lies did try they almost had me give up but thankfully my Father is far more powerful than they. Interesting how depending on whom you surround yourself with you can either be encouraged by truth as your community pushes you to Jesus & what He's done on your behalf; or if they too continue to feed you lies? Saying things like "living for Christ is to limit your life; but as Christians when did we start taking sinners advice? Should we consult the dead on behalf of living when they don't know what living is like?" -Kevin Burgess. Please hear me out when I say we are all sinners (aka Imperfect people) some of us have just understood/accepted the grace & Agape that God has offered to us through Jesus which makes us alive (aka freedom from the standard of perfection / earning our morally rightness but also free from slavery to our own evil desires & pleasures "sin") while others are still searching. I encourage us wherever we are on our journey to find Agape that we make sure an surround ourselves with those who will speak LIFE into us not those who will continue to encourage us to live in bondage to death; which isn't really living. Don't let the lies win, despite how we feel despite our circumstances we do have a choice to make a choice based on truth to live a life abundantly or continue breathing to death. 


Hope Exists, Agape Validates You.