WayTooLong (Hello 2015)

Man I been feelin depressed man for way too long
Can no longer stay the same for the pain is too strong
Ive been playing it safe y'all for way too long
To all people out there feeling hopeless I promise through Christ that your change gone come family
Believe me I been lied to by my own fears & doubts for way too long
Been in isolating myself for way too long 
When they hear your dreams the majority call young strange or dumb, mannnn but I been people pleasin for way too long
Growin more insecure questioning where has my childlike faith done gone?
Brothers been hatin on me for way too long but Im runnin to my Father cause I Am the prodigal son
I done tried it on my own man for way too long& boasting in my weakness ironically is the only time I feel strong
Society want us lifeless singing them same Ol songs but
I refused to be quiet the revolution gone come man
Christ is more than a prophet Hes Gods only begotten Son meaning when Christ died for sin He died for the sins of everyoneNative Asian African Hispanic Caucasian
He rose on day three Easter should call for a worldwide celebration but
This good news prolly ain't been heard man in way too long; too many try to distort the truth for their own glori-fication
Slaves Runnin on the "good works treadmill" an I smh cause I use to be one but
since I met Christ I've tasted TRUE freedom; Believe me when I say I ain't goin back to the old me Christ has brought me way to far!!
Though life at times still seems to get way too hard
It's never more than I can bear all thanks to God; it's all thanks to God... I said It's never more than I can bear thanks to God it's all thanks to God.

H E A V Y.
"Hope Exists Agape Validates You"