PlanA. WasAlwaysThePlan


Jesus Was Always Plan A From The Beginning!!! What do you mean Josiah? Ok Check this out; God in all His knowing knew we would continuously drop the ball yet outta Agape (Unconditional Love) He always planned to send His Only Son Jesus to be the worthy payment for the SINS of the WORLD that includes me & it includes you. He knew & knows ours sins Past Present Future yet in His knowing still sent His Son this is Unconditional Love at its FINEST!! Mannn no joke I know ppl who wouldn't even give up their pet for a strangers life let alone their kid & even if they did chose to give up their child their child wouldn't be a worthy sacrifice to pay for the sins of the World cause all of us humans fall short of perfection... But Christ left Heaven to take on the form of a man live a perfect life, die for our sins, & rise from the dead to defeat both sin & death all because that was Gods Will, Plan A, from the beginning we were never meant to out weigh our bad with our good or earn our eternity in Heaven God always planned to provide the restoration of our relationship with Him thru His Son Jesus Christ.

As I read thru John 6 this truth was more clear than ever before & seeing Christ example He left thru the life He lived, I see that doing Gods Will is far greater & worth more than ANY persecution, suffering, or praise man offers... So w/ this today I give God & Him alone 100 in all I do for His Glory Alone (HGA). It's a Everyday Thing Y'all So Be Encouraged Cause If Your Alive Today You Just Like Me Have Been Given A Fresh Start There's No Such Thing As Too Far Gone