Who Am I?

Who Are You?

My name is Josiah Michael Sims I am a fan, student, older brother, male, son, cousin, a athlete, an artist, a nephew, a friend to some, stranger to some, lover, food/laughter junkie, and before I am all those I am a Christian which is were I find my identity. But to be clear my identity is not in the label Christian I am not a Jesus Prick nor Holier Than Thou or a guy with the "I'm better than you because I'm Christian an your not" mentality stamped on his forehead nahh I'm simply a product of grace trying to encourage others as I encourage myself in this game called life. Striving to be the best, God made me to be and desiring to see others do the same. In laymen terms God made me who I am (Josiah M. Sims) with a special purpose and vision which is what makes me an individual because He made me specifically unique just as He did everybody else.

How Do You Think Your Peers View You?

I think my peers see me as a down to earth guy I think at times they put me on a pedestal or label me a really good guy but I constantly inform them the difference they see in me is Christ in me working through me and I am no where near perfect but I am daily striving to be better than I was.

How About Strangers? 

As far as other people outside my peers I believe they see a typical young black male without knowing me they assume I come from an inner city, or one parent home with sports or music as my key to having a successful life but I believe thats the image the media sells and the people buy so I cant fully blame them but thats another blog for another time... But as far as my perception or assumption on other people or how others may view me I can sum it up like this everyone has a story and you cant assume a person is a certain way or type based on appearance or a couple encounters with that person until we have fully heard their story I feel we rob them of what could be the start of something dope (great) like a life long friendship or relationship whatever the case I think "assumptions are deadly" which lead me to my first design for Heavy raising the awareness that just because a person looks a certain way doesn't mean you get to dictate their motives or their heart for example a black guy with tattoos doesn't mean he is a thug or just because a girl is attractive doesn't mean her personality matches her looks. Simply put all the time we use making assumptions can be the same time we use to actually get to know people.