PSA: I'VE GOT GREAT NEWS... So Christianity is not this legalistic religion where you MUST follow all these rules inorder to assure your spot in Heaven... naw It clearly says in Romans 6:20  "Therefore by the deeds of the law NO FLESH WILL BE JUSTIFIED in His sight, for by the law is the knowledge of sin." This meanin that no one is capable of keepin every commandment in fact the Law was set in place to show us we can't keep that standard of perfection & u can't earn your way into Heaven by good deeds, the passage goes on to say "for all have sinned & fall short of the glory of God," (Romans 6:23) we are all human which is PROOF tht none of us are perfect CHRISTIANS INCLUDED!!
But the HOPE that sets Christianity apart is the GRACE & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE God shows us tht even in Him knowing of all the sins I would commit before I would even do them He would send His Only Son Jesus Christ to LIVE A PERFECT LIFE AND THEN DIE FOR ALL MY SINS, PAST PRESENT & FUTURE. Like Whhhhaaaaatttttt... so now not only did He die in my place but when God sees me He sees His Son and because of tht I am considered BLAMELESS & RIGHTEOUS in His sight? Not because I have it all together or am perfect but cause I chose to accept Gods free gift in His Sons death burial & resurrection for my sins. THIS BLOWS MY MIND THAT THERE IS NOTHING I DID TO DESERVE THIS KINDA LOVE YET GOD FREELY GAVE IT & it gets better now that I've accepted Him as my personal Lord & Savior THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO TO LOSE THIS LOVE EITHER!! All that to say that Christianity is about RELATIONSHIP with God not a BUNCH OF RULES now I kno there's prolly been hypocrites who may have judged you called you names talked behind your back etc & I apologize for those poor examples myself included cause sometimes I drop the ball too but I would encourage you as I encourage myself not to follow the example of us who call ourselves Christian because we are still human & have plenty to work on but rather follow Christ in whom is the PERFECT example of this UNCONDITIONAL LOVE & GRACE LIES & then decide for yourself whether or not He's the One you can have a relationship with. Read Romans 6:19-26 yourself it can Change your Life forever!!
Maannn If you got questions don't hesitate to shoot me a message, text me, call me whatever my sole purpose on this earth is to spread this good news & I'm happy to even be apart of what God is doin cause I'm such a messed up dude yet He allows me to be affiliated with Him & He shows no favorites if He did it for me He can do the same for you!! AHH WHAT A RELIEF IT IS TO BE IN JESUS
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