Heavy Artistry Movement


H E A V Y stands for "Hope Exists, Agape Validates You.” Its our mission to spread this great news as authentically, artistically & fashionably as possible. This is more than clothing, it's the apparel of a movement. We strive to daily #LiveHEAVY not just talk about it; it's a lifestyle.


Love God. Love People. Create Art that intrigues, encourages, & challenges the viewer to be themselves. We desire to create art so well done that even if you may not fully understand or agree with the message; part of you still desires to find out more about HEAVY. It is art done with a purpose whether that be as simple as putting a smile on someones face; or as bold as visually telling the truth in love to impact a individuals life. This art we desire to create is made with the understanding that its value is far greater & larger than anything money can buy or money itself for that matter. It's art done out of the Agape (Unconditional Love) we have been freely given, paired along with making quality clothing that feels & looks good (so much so that you'll never wanna take it off except to wash it). In using both clothing and art as platforms of communication & opportunities to connect / build relationships with others because LIFE is best experienced within community. We are striving to impact the world by simply loving and building with other people (Starting in our own backyard of the US). We believe the change begins within ourselves so we don't want to just spread the good news that "Hope Exists, Agape Validates You;" but daily apply it to our own lives everyday & live it out towards everyone. From the suburbs, inner cities, 3rd world countries, paradises and everywhere in between. The goal is to spread the Agape (Unconditional Love), and to do so in a undeniably artistic & fashionable manner.

“So Why?”

Personally I (Josiah Sims) am just tired of seeing people rob themselves and others in society by pretending to be something they are not. A lot of people are looking for acceptance, contentment, and purpose in life I speak from my own experiences / insecurities (I use to be that individual I just described). Some find those things temporarily while others give up based on the cards they’ve been dealt. I want to not only express there is hope & purpose to have in life despite our cards given, but also meet people where they’re at to help make a difference and show them LIFE, life more abundantly. This unconditional love I speak of (Agape) not only changes those who experience it & put it into practice, but changes the communities & individuals around those who practice it; and in this unconditional love that only Christ offers the lifelong search for validation, contentment, acceptance, and purpose can end.

We recognize the need of food, water, shelter, clothing & necessities of life that a lot of people live without. We see the billions of dollars made in the media, clothing, and art industries and how we can use what we enjoy such as art, to provide for those less fortunate or who have been dealt a rough hand. As a sneaker head I (Josiah Sims) know that a pair of Jordan’s at retail price cost anywhere from $160.00 - $180.00, which I use to buy every couple months. Then I came to the realization that the same money I used on those sneakers (which I had more than enough of) I could use those finances to help begin make the difference I desired to see. For example sponsor a child or help a family overseas, give more generously in general or maybe even provide the necessities for a poverty stricken community within the US, or give 3 pairs of shoes (maybe more) to a child without any. This is just one example in my own life simply put I am tired of being selfish, and being one who talks about change an making a difference but never takes action to do so. HEAVY is a brand put in place to begin to change all that & start the Movement with others who desire to do the same all in the name of Agape (Unconditional Love).

“Now Why Clothing?”

As artists we’ve come to the realization that clothing is the fast selling canvas worldwide. What easier way to make a difference in the world than to use a resource commonly known throughout it. Plus clothing is always going to be in style (at least we hope) everybody likes a nice t-shirt, button up, a pair of pants or shorts, etc. so in a way, at least in HEAVY's mind, the possibilities of various garments are the same as the possibilities of various solutions…endless, which as young people hoping to make a change is an exciting place to be. We also have a passion for dope clothing & fashion so we plan to make clothing with those who share a similar interest in mind.

Heavy Sum_Day 5_167.jpg

“How Is Heavy Different From Others?”

We are the first brand to ever strive to bridge the gap between both secular and religious through artwork, apparel and Agape (Unconditional Love). HEAVY is compelled to tell others what God and His Agape (Unconditional Love) has done for us. If He can do it for us we believe without a doubt He can do the same for anyone else through His unconditional love. We all have problems, this isn't news to anyone, if we all take a look around our broken world we come to the realization that it's messed up quite easily; but it is more important to recognize that people have potential which is far greater than any problems. HEAVY is here to help maximize that potential in others as well as ourselves (especially starting within ourselves) through this unconditional love, Agape. HEAVY desires to create a culture of grace where people don't have to pretend everything is ok. Does this mean you put a stamp of approval on sin? Absolutely not; it simply means you don't hide it nor ignore it. Grace, is loving people for who they are where they are. Its loving people before they change, not just after they change. That being said HEAVY offers high quality artwork, design and great fitting clothing, but the apparel & artwork are just fuel for the Movement. HEAVY the Movement is a group of individuals who are ready to be the difference we desire to see, individuals who understand that it all we do must be rooted in Agape (Unconditional Love) first, and not only do we understand what Agape (Unconditional Love) is, but we daily strive to genuinely and intentionally live it out towards others. HEAVY is a lifestyle that isn’t about behavior modification; it's about a change of heart and love for others that will forever impact those whom experience it, apply it, and share it with others on a day to day basis.

HEAVY has been blessed with the opportunity to be inspired by great people before us with great Visions. From those individuals and their visions we have been able to adopt old ideas and create new ones. I would say the difference between HEAVY and other brands is the awareness it brings about change and helping people. It doesn’t take any special bells and whistles to make change but it starts with us; it starts with me and it starts with you. HEAVY isn’t here to sell hope we are here to speak with our actions, actually be the difference while continuing to be ourselves / better ourselves everyday and give others the courage to do the same. "We don’t do it for the money, we don’t do it for fame, nor do we do it so the industry can know our name…. For all those things are temporary rewards but impact on the lives of individuals has an eternal glory to it… humility before honor.” 

"How Can You Help?"

If you'd like to help us on our journey to begin changing the culture, society, generation & ultimately the world we live in through Agape (Unconditional Love), you can easily do so in many ways; something as simple as prayer helps greatly as we look for wisdom & guidance on turning our dreams into reality, spreading the word about the brand HEAVY to your family/friends, you can donate however many pennies you like in the donation tab below because every penny helps or you could purchase something from our shop. More importantly than all the suggestions above our desire is that everyday you wake up, you realize that, "Hope Exists, Agape Validates You," and apply this truth to your life. One Love. 

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